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Whether we develop and host a website or you already have a website, Timber-On-Line provides a full Site Management Service

Normally businesses have to employ a specialist site management person to manage and update their online shop and website, this can often run into costs of around £40k per year.

Alternatively, the more common solution is to add-on the job specification onto an existing member of staff whose time is then split between their normal duties and site management. This will almost certainly result in an under-performing website. Especially in today's online marketplace where competition for online customers is fierce, this means your website is missing out on huge opportunities.

By using TOL as your Site Manager, you cut out nearly two thirds of your ongoing costs and increase your opportunities to attract new businesses and customers to your brand and business.


Our site management services include:

  • updating or creating content
  • optimising content for marketing and search engine visibility
  • loading and updating product data
  • providing or sourcing product imagery
  • creating marketing messages
  • localised promotions
  • identifying link opportunities

In addition to our web services we can also then analyse your sites performance and identify potential competition and improve prospects against local competitors.


Content Building

Our content building programmes mean that we can build an effective web page that will explain your business and give you the best opportunity to compete at a local level for top placement in the search engines.

Starting with some basic business information we are able to create a full website to promote your business that will give existing customers the confidence to contact you via phone, PC and tablet and help you to obtain new customers using our unique tailored content exclusively for your business.

In combination with our site management service you can keep your website updated simply by emailing us what you want to add so that we can word it effectively to promote your services and products.